Phar extension for PHP on PHP 5.3 FastCGI


So I need the Phar extension for an ecommerce system (litecommerce).

PHP’s documentation says that it should come with PHP 5.3 (which I have), but it doesnt work with my dreamhost.

Im wondering why, and how do I fix it?




I’m trying to enable phar too, but no luck so far :expressionless:


Load the module via a phprc file.

phprc locations:

/home/[user]/.php/5.3/phprc - OR - /home/[user]/.php/5.4/phprc



I used this method with 5.3 but it doesn’t seem to work with 5.4. Any thoughts as to why not?

Never mind. Just recreated the 5.4 folder and it is working.