Personal proxy - Possible?


Would it be possible to set up the DreamHost account to be a personal proxy? By that I mean I would be able to enter my DreamHosted domain as the proxy server in a browser and then be able to browse to US-based sites (like Pandora) hassle-free.

If such a thing is possible, would it be difficult to set up? I have limited HTML/UNIX knowledge.


I think it depends on how much you’re going to use it.

The Dreamhost Terms of Service state:

Note that they call out proxy scripts as frequent offenders for using too much CPU.

OTOH, some people have reported success in using proxy scripts for occasional personal use.

Do a search for the term proxy using the search feature of the board. Use “forever” as the time limit and search on “All Forums”. You’ll find a gold mine of information on the subject.

This thread seems particularly useful.

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Seems it is against DH TOS. Why don’t you contact DH support?

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I don’t think it’s strictly against the ToS. It’s only because of the fact that public proxies tend to impact the server. A personal proxy that isn’t heavily used would probably be ok, but you’d have to know what you were doing.

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Yes, that is what I am trying to say. If you are going to consume too much resources and affect your neighbors, DH will come in. Probably we should not encourage others to do so.

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But it is against the ToS because it’s listening for an inbound connection. And since it’s a persistent process, it’s likely to be automatically killed by a bot.



There are “proxies” that run as CGI scripts so they’re just scripts that run under Apache.

It’s true that you can’t run a true http proxy server under a normal shared hosting account, but you can run proxy scripts for limited personal use.

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I was told by Dreamhost support a couple days ago that I can’t use cgiproxy on my account, they renamed the directory with it and told me not to use it again since it’s against the TOS and my account would get disabled. I used that thing for maybe 10 minutes every couple weeks or so, so I guess it isn’t a server-load issue or on a case-by-case basis.


I’m guessing here, but if I had to be on the DreamHost side supporting this, I’d be concerned with people using these proxies (even if it was personal) to do naughty things… like try to break into other websites. Who’ll get the blame? DreamHost.

I doubt it’s a bandwidth or other tech issue, I think it’s a CYA (cover your ass) issue. :slight_smile: Again, I’m just speculating as to the reasoning here.


The issue is more of a server load issue. Persistent processes take up resources, and since they never quit, that’s a process that will take up resources, even when it’s not being used. One doesn’t need a persistent process (or proxy) to do naughty things originating from DreamHost.



Yes it’s possible (and quite easy to do). I use it at work to get around’s proxy server.

Get Putty (or any SSH client) that supports SOCKS forwarding. Setup a socks forwarding and set your web browser (or any other program) to the forwarded port.