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I used to host my own website from my home. I never had a problem with MySQL or PHP whenever I installed a calendar, directory, etc. in my own computer. Now that I decided to use DreamHost, I would like to know how I can have the same access. How can I, say, create and test drive the program on my computer (I still have a copy of the webiste there) and then upload to my DreamHost account? I have an address book that I want my users to be able to update themselves whenever they move or make changes. I am tempted to just link to my computer at home from the website, but I would like to be able to have everything on my DH account.


I may mis-understand you. Do you mean to have domain in DH but host the domain on your local computer? If so, you can achieve it by modifying DNS A record. Unless you have a unique address, I won’t suggest you to do it.

More info you can refer to this article in wiki.

If you just want others to test your web pages from your computer, you can give your IP address to others. They can then access your site via (your public ip address).

Actually I don’t know why you want to host from your local computer. Since you already choose DH, I’ll suggest you to upload files to DH server and test from DH server.

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Right, I used to host my web on my personal computer, and yes, I have my own IP. But I want to do all online now and upload my PHP and MySQL databases, or at least reconstruct them on my new DH account. I have installed a couple of one-click applications, but how can I create the databases online of non-one-click apps?

You can’t create database remotely in DH. You have to create database from the panel.

If you are able to export your database to a sql or text file, it will be easier for you to re-create the database online.

First, go to DH panel --> Goodies --> Manage MySQL to create a database.

Second, open MySQL in DH and import the sql or text file.

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It worked like a charm! That’s what I get for having used my computer to host my own website. I had to go through phpAdmin. Now, it’s actually simpler than eating this donut with one hand and making a MySQL database with the other.

I’m glad you have your problem solved.

I’ll suggest you to do a testing before you upload files to your real domain name. You can always create a free subdomain of your domain via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain / Sub-domain Then type

Remember that you can only create databases via DH panel. If you have codes like “create database”, the codes won’t work.

Have fun in DH!

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