Personal Forum on Website

I’m new to this. I want to have a website that is like a regular website with it’s own separate forum.

I have two questions about this:

Number 1, is there anyway to make a page with one URL show up with a different URL? For example, let’s say that I when I type in, the page that shows up is Google, and the address bar still says

Number 2, if the answer to question 1 is NO, is there any place I can go to that will help me design a save a forum that I can then host independently?

  1. It’s called cloaking (Google it - using iframes is easiest).

  2. You could use a free domain

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The novice solution is to use “cloaking” where web site A loads a frameset document that loads web site B into a frame. That way the browser shows the URL for web site A the entire time since the frameset document doesn’t change. Of course the browser is actually requesting the frame document from web site B.

If you were hosting both web sites on DreamHost, you could setup one domain to mirror a fully-hosted domain, or a domain to be a sub-set of fully-hosted domain.

Some people simply put forums on a subdomain, like main site is on and forum is on - why won’t that work for you?

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