Personal Backups



I don’t really know where this post goes, so I put it here.

I just learned that that DreamHost doesn’t allow you to use web space to backup personal files. I never made backups consistent nor did I push a lot of data to my website, which is probably why no one ever said anything. Since reading the policy, I have deleted the files but was left with a “why am I paying for so much space if I can’t use it??” feeling.

So I did a little research and found out that DreamHost is pretty much the ONLY web host that will let you backup files using a special “backup user” account. Which is cool and this is exactly why I love DreamHost - they are ahead of everyone else (in the hosting world anyway). However, there are services such as Mozy ( that let you backup an unlimited amount of stuff for $5/mo. I understand having a separate account/server for backups (I assume bandwidth, please correct me if I’m wrong). There is also the obvious difference in that I cannot host a website at Mozy. I’d be happy to pay for a higher service package if I can get an unlimited backup plan. By backup, I don’t need DreamHost to backup my backup, I just need more space than the 50GB offered.

The purpose of this post is to ask, when are we going to get more than 50GB of backup space? Unlimited? I have a 500GB hard drive and I would like to make a backup of it.



You can buy more backup space at 10 cents per gig per month. I’m not comfortable with depending on a host for my personal backups. I bought two USB hard disks and rotate through them while keeping one locked up at work. The more critical immediate data I also keep backed up in my Dropbox account.



For the really important stuff, I’m using CrashPlan… but I also have a DropBox account for stuff that I need access to always/whereever

I only use Dreamhost now for project SVN repositories (which are mirrored here locally using svnsync) and some web services.


10 cents/gig is too much - I want it free! :smiley:

I can depend on a web host to backup my personal data because I figure if the web host and my computer both go down, I didn’t really need the data that bad anyway. I’ll put the really super important stuff in a safe deposit box at the bank when I have some.