Personal backup down for anyone?

i was doing a very fine back and now i can not log-in. if i use SFT (Transmit) then message says permission denied. And if I am using rsync then it says Connection closed by remote host.

i have not changed anything. no password changed, nothing. the server is

anyone else having issues?


Mine’s up and running, and I also use Transmit.


hi scot. thanks for your reply.

now mine is up but now the problem is my backup is gone. .ssh directory i created for the passwordless log-in is gone. the directory structure that was there before is gone. before by default there were only few directories (liek Maildir, logs).

but now there are 36 directories, like bin, home, dev, emul, root, opt and many more like these.

are your default directories like these?

i am afraid my backup account is screwed and if i upload again it will be deleted again.

It’s broken for me too:
Could not chdir to home directory /home/xxxxxxx: No such file or directory.

It seems my entire home dir for the backup user is gone.

All of my stuff is there, including my .ssh. It sounds like you’re looking at the root directory. In Transmit, my remote path is blank, so it logs me into my default home directory.

Thinking the worst, your directory is gone, which is why it logged you into the root directory. Best drop a note to Support if you can’t find your home directory.


hello verrando.

is your all backup gone? mine is gone.

also what was your before by default directory structure? before mine was only 3 or 4 directories. but now there are 36 directories. among them one is /home/ but when i open it the message says nor permitted to display directory content.

i am holding off to upload again. i already wasted 35Gb bandwidth and 4 or 5 days time and now my backup is finished.

thanks scott.

i did sent a support ticket to dreamhost about 4 ~ 5 hours ago but they have not replied yet. don’t know how long it takes for them to reply. i have opened a new ticket now again to tell them that i am seeing 36 directories.

any idea how long it takes for them to reply the ticket?

I just checked with sftp: it just logs me in the root dir (probably the 36 directories you are seeing).

I just opened a ticket too.

Anyway, they clearly say “As such, we keep no backups of files on this account. These are already supposed to be your backups… not your only copy!”… I was just hoping not to lose everything 10 days after signing up :slight_smile:

it was not my main backup. i too just wanted to save the effort i had put. plus now i am not sure when to start the process again. not sure when dreamhost will fix it.i opened ticket 5 hours ago and still no reply. not sure how long it take them to reply a ticket.

actually i had a ticket opened 5 hours ago when i could not log-in last night (in Hong Kong). Thsi morning I could log-in but all was gone and these 36 dir.

now i just get the automated reply:-


Your inquiry has been moved to the queue of a specific tech support team member (this is either because they are already familiar with your case or are the best equipped to assist you with this specific issue). They will respond to you as quickly as they can but depending on the complexity of the issue it may take longer than normal for them to get back to you (even in excess of 24 hours in some cases).

The Dreamhost Ticket Moving Robot!

I hope they will fix it and may be, may be get my previous backup BACK. or just fix the whole damn thing :slight_smile:

got email from them. mine is fixed now. and luckily the data is also there :slight_smile:

Same here. All the data is still there.