Persistent Error On Announcement List Form


I’m trying to set up a form on a webpage to allow people to subscribe to an announcement list. However, every time details are submitted on the form and error saying “You did not enter all the required fields” appears.

I don’t what I’m doing wrong… can anyone see where the problem is?

Here’s the code (Sorry about all the FP garbage… I don’t know how to clean that out!)

Fill out this short, easy form to get your free subscription:

First Name:

Primary E-Mail:

WARNING: Do NOT use any free web-mail addresses (such as or These will be deleted from the subscribers list.

We hate spam as much as you! We will never rent, sell or otherwise share your information with anyone!

Have you tried recreating the form on a test page so that you have just the bare form.

Name: E-mail:

Leaving out all the table formatting code especially the style coding in the input lines for name1 and email1. Then test that and see if that works okay. If it does not you can try filling in some of the blank values (create just one URL page if necessary). I know they are not required and can be left blank but at least you will be able to eliminate the lines one by one.

If it works you can start adding your table code back in bit by bit until you have completed the page which you can then move over to your production page.

(Note I added that extra line which you could first try leaving in and then removing.)

It may just be that the list.cgi program gets updated slightly without the instructions reflecting it.


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Well, I’ll be darned… it worked!

Thanks Norm… I was really stuck there for a while :slight_smile: