I help “run” the new website, but I am having some issues already. Okay, the site is very new a lot still has to be done.

but I am right now fiddling with phpBB. I was try to upload a new style, but no mater if I use the webFTP or FileZilla, I got the message “permissions denied” or “upload failed”. I check the permission and gave myself all the permissions available to the folder and the subdirs, but still the same…

What gives? Can any help? As I not sure this is related to phpBB, but to general support, since it is just in this folder I cannot create new folders and files.


btw… the folder is the styles folder and I now see in the webftp, that the owner is listed as www-data, not myself??


How was phpBB installed? Via a One-Click, or manually?

My styles folder is owned by my domain user/owner, so I’m not sure why yours isn’t.

Is anything else there owned by www-data? If you can rename the styles directory, you should be able to create a new “styles” directory and put your styles in there.

I’d also suggest you put in a Support ticket to have them take a look and fix the ownership.



No, the folders owner (according to the webftp) is www-data.

Well, I was already considering stating over, so I might as well give that ago instead…

regards, P.


You may still have to get the ownership issue resolved, or you’ll never be able to delete that directory.