Permissions problems

My site has been partially crippled since yesterday due to something having screwed up permissions so that now my cgi scripts can not write to directories. I’ve checked my permission settings and they are right.

I sent a help request 17 hours ago and have not heard anything. Does anyone know what happened and what, if anything, we can do about it from our end to get things working again?

I’m a bit frustrated by the slow response on help request. It used to be they’d get back within 3-4 hours.

Could you be more specific about which files/URLs are having trouble? Also, could you ssh into your account and paste the output of the command “find ~ -ls”? This will list permissions for all files in your home directory, and help give insight into the problem if anything obvious comes up.

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Thanks for your help! It would appear that just in the past few minutes, someone finally followed up on my help request and the problem is solved. If they get back to me and tell me what they did, I’ll post it here.