Permissions (permission denied)

Been searching for several hours on how to change file permissions.

I simply want to delete files/directories that I know I own, but alas, I can neither delete them, nor can I change the owner permissions or read/write/execute, etc… I’ve tried SSH, CHMOD, CHOWN, and none of it works.

I have sent DreamHost Support three (3) support tickets about this with no response.

Does anyone here know how to do this?

linux is linux…

Who owns the file and what are it’s current permissions? and who owns the directory and what are it’s permissions?

I suspect the problem is the directory is read only… but don’t know that from the details you provided here.

Just heard back from tech support:

“Generally you can fix most permissions issues through SSH and FileZilla,
however in this case it required actually modifying the group permissions
on the files, and ‘chown’ is not something you would have access to.
You can ‘chmod’ the files to different permissions levels (ie 644 for
files, 755 for folders), but changing ownership is something you would
need to contact [tech support] for support with.”

They helped change the owner/group from their end and now everything is working - if this happens to you, contact “Ben S” in tech support - he was super speedy and very helpful! Thanks Ben!!!

Sorry to bump an old thread, but just adding this for others who might be having this problem.
If you have permission denied on a file, & you know you own it and created it, check the permissions of the folder that it’s in.
In most cases I have had a protected directory, so the files inside it were not being deleted, renamed, etc.

In terminal use
ls -la
to see all files and details.

In your FTP client try changing the permissions to chmod 777 - then you can delete the files.