Permissions issue on password protected directory

I’ve password protected one of my directories, and now I can’t ftp anything into the directory or change anything inside it. I checked the permissions for the dir and files and they say that I have read/write/execute but it doesn’t behave like I do. This problem happens with either ftp or webdav.

did you also enable webdav in that directory?

I’ve tried it on and off. It doesn’t have an effect other than to let me connect with webdav. Once I connect I cannot change or add to anything in the protected folder. In webdav I get errors that I do not have permission to change anything, and items show up as read only. When I connect via ftp they show up as giving me permission to read/write/and execute, but I cannot.

I had the exact same problem (as have others). I contacted tech support and got the following reply (edited to get to the point):
---- begin quote (sort of) ----
[Y]ou likely initially made the directory with WebDAV enabled… When WebDAV was later disabled [ownership changes did not put the directory back in a state where FTP would work]… if you just want to password protect a directory you do not need WebDAV, which will prevent FTP access to the directory.
----- end partial quote (from Kelly in Customer Support) ----

Kelly actually fixed my directory for me, but I suggest you delete the directory, wait for the servers to update (usually less than 10 minutes), then recreate the directory, being sure to not enable the WebDAV checkbox.