Permissions for FTP users

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m new to these forums. Hope someone will help: I have been creating users for file transfer on FTP at Dreamhost, and I would like to restrict permissions for those users to only access and download the folders/files and not change or delete those files. Is there a way to do that? How to customise this even at a folder level?

Hope I’m clear enough and thanks!

Using an upload script would probably be easiest.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

The thing is that you have to grant write permission to the user in order to upload a file.

Once write permission is granted, user is able to modify or delete a file.

I can’t think of anything but to create a user interface for uploading files :frowning:

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Thank you guys for your replies :slight_smile:

So then my questions would be:
1- How do I grant permission to only read and download, NOT to write?
2- what is an upload script ?? If there is one available that could do the trick, it would be awesome if someone could provide it for me or point me in the right direction (whatever that is :slight_smile: so that I can get it!
3- Would it be easier to set permissions at an uploaded folder level and its contents and how would I do that?

It is important for me because a client deleted a file and then claimed that it was never uploaded!

Thanks again!

Is this just for repository/transfer usage, or are the files being uploaded directly into each client’s live domain space?

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Actually, this is how it works for me:
Once I finish a job for a client, I add a new user for that project, I upload the work and the client can access it to download it. This is the primary use and interest I have with dreamhost (wish I knew more to do more!). Occasionally, I give them permission (verbal!) to upload on that user account, material that I need to do the work for them.

All I deal with is to add a user, leave it on FTP transfer, choose a password and re-edit to limit the total disk usage. Then send the access details to the client.

I hope this is useful enough information… cause I’m not sure what is “each client’s live domain space”… sorry…

Thanks again :slight_smile:


DreamHost has an anonymous FTP service (additional cost due to requiring a unique IP address) that allows one to setup permissible actions (ie, download, directory list, upload, delete, rename) on a per-directory level but there is no user authentication.

See Anonymous FTP

This would be a CGI script, maybe called a “file manager” but the point is that instead of the FTP protocol, it uses the HTTP protocol, or a combination (like That is a significant difference. Instead of the visitor using a file transfer client at their control, the visitor only sends the file data with their browser, and you get to control what is done with the data, such as saving it to file in any directory you like, owned by the domain user running the CGI script.

One such “file manager” script that at least looks nice is Ajaxplorer but I haven’t tried it on DH myself yet.


Installs easily enough:mkdir ~/src cd ~/src wget cd ~/domain unzip ~/src/ mv AjaXplorer-2.5.2/ filemanager/ nano filemanager/server/conf/conf.php
In the editor make changes, then hit Ctrl-O and press Enter. Then browse to http://domain/filemanager/

It doesn’t let you set a maximum disk space though. But using it you can set up a repository per user, and only grant “read” access so they can’t delete the files in the repository. And you can either use your own FTP client to upload the files or it includes a Flash app for uploading via HTTP.

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