Permissions change won't stick


I have a single file on my site that I am trying to change permissions to 644, however, every time the file reverts to 755 seemingly on its own. I am using Transmit on a Mac, and I’ve also tried doing it with Fetch. Any ideas why this is happening?


Are you sure it’s not a directory? 755 usually indicates it’s a directory, which needs to be eXecutable to enter. Or something that your site is running is changing it behind your back.

If it really is a file, try telnetting, or SSHing into your account and do a ‘chmod 644’ on the file.

By the way, I use Transmit, and I’ve never encountered permissions that didn’t stick.



What is the name of the file? You might try renamimg it first and then change the permissions.
If all fails download it and then delete the file.
It may be a file that is now in a different group to the one you are currently in.