Permission to delete from FTP

I am trying to delete things using my FTP program (WS_FTP) but I keep getting “Permission denied” errors. I’m the administrator/owner of this account. How do I fix this?

You have to check to see who the owner of the directory and what permissions that owner has set for that directory.

If the owner is ‘dhapache’ or ‘root’, contact support. Though you should probably make sure the directory in question is not something that should be removed yourself (like a WebDAV folder or the server logs directories, etc)

If the owner is a user but not the one you’re logged on as, trying logging on as the owner (given that the owner is a user of yours.) And then delete files in the directory. Make sure to switch users again to delete the directory itself.

Here is a short article how these things work:

Perlfect Solutions - Understanding UNIX permissions and chmod

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Make sure your folders are empty before trying to delete them too. I got that message using ws-ftp le, and it was because of an htaccess file. Set your ftp software to show all files.


How do I find out who the owner is? I’m pretty sure that it was made using my account. I’ve logged on with the others, and with them I can’t even GET to the other files.

I had a similar problem earlier today. Accedentally tried to upload a directory to my ftp account, stopped it before it got too far and couldn’t delete the directory because it kept saying it wasn’t empty (even though it looked empty)

I used telnet to remove it.

Not sure if you know how to telnet, so apologies if this is unnecessary to describe.

Go to start/run… type in "telnet"
Log in navigate to the directory in which the rogue directory is hosted.

For example, if the directory is, type:

then type

rm -r monkey

Hope that helps!


Still getting “permission denied” messages…

WS_FTP should allow you to see a raw directory listing from the server, IIRC.

Or if it allows you to enter a command, try using LIST

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Same problem - using CuteFTP, it lists the user as 33755, same as all my other folders. I tested it out and created a folder - it showed the same user, and I was able to delete it. Any help?