Permission Problems

I uploaded a .tar file containing a bunch of files. I untarred it on the server but I can’t access any of the files. If I try to vi any of the files, or switch to one of the directories that was in the folder, it tells me “-bash: cd: archive: Permission denied” and in FTP I get “505 permission denied”.

When running an ls -l I see my username and “pg549845”. I forget which one is the owner and which one is the creator. I’ve tried doing a chown but that didn’t seem to work.

Any ideas? I submitted a trouble ticket on it, but that was 10 hours ago and I haven’t heard anything back.

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In the shell, run this command:
stat [filename]

Then run this command:

The output from stat will show you permissions and ownership:

  1. Access permissions
  2. User owner (Uid)
  3. Group owner (Gid)

The output from id will show you your user’s Uid and current Gid.

Sounds to me that although you may be the owner the permissions on the files have been zero’d out. They should be 0755 for scripts and directories and 0644 for other files.

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