Permission errors?!?


I am trying to run this gallery script called fotopholder… first i chmoded the pictures 755 and still i couldt see them. I tryed after 5 minutes and i then i was able to see them (weird!).

Now i there’s one thing left to fix. The thumbnailing simply does not work. The script only requires GD with is installed… i thoght it coulb be some permission troubles but i already tryed to recursivly chmod that folder to 777…

what da heck can this be?
here is the site:


All I see is index pages. Where is the actual web site?


ops… sorry… i had token the index.php from there.
i have put it back again. Check out in the same adress.


looks like a problem with the index.php script. Check your error logs for help.


damn… i didnt even know that i could read through an error log.
Where is it?


http is a linked folder, so if you go in through ftp you’ll see something weird like “http.123456” after you click on it. Older logs are archived there as well.

less < ~/logs/<>/http/error.log
less < ~/logs/<>/http/access.log


strange… no error is report about that :frowning: