Permission denied on my own directories?

I uploaded a tar created in Windows and extracted all the files and directories on DH. After realizing something’s wrong, I decided to erase all that’s been extracted, only to be met with an error message of permission denial when I tried to delete all the directories(it’s also impossible for me to see into these directories, and all files are successfully deleted), but for God’s sake, they’re all created 1 minute ago all by me! How’s this possible? How can I get rid of these bastards?

Do I have to contact support? This seems to be some kind of uninfrequent problem with Linux, cause’ I came across the same problem from time to time when managing an FTP server, but never find out why.

Thanx ardco, but it doesn’t work.
“rm: cannot chdir from ‘.’ to ‘themes’: Permissions denied”

I used tar for Windows( to create a tar with more than 1000 files(it would be too time-consuming to FTP them individually) and tar in Linux to extract them on DH. What do you mean by saying it’s a problem of Windows, I’m confused. :frowning:

Interesting problem, but you’ll have to contact support to change ownership of the directory and all of its contents. Give them the full path of the directory you need fixed.


A recursive chmod probably isn’t going to help. If ‘rm -rf’ doesn’t do it, then nothing will.

I would never ask Support to delete a file or a directory for me, nor would I want to be a Support person who gets such a request. An error in the request, or a typo may delete something you wouldn’t want deleted. That’s why I suggest Ownership change so the user can be responsible for deleting the data.


ardco’s right, the reason I couldn’t deal with the directories I created is that they don’t have u+x. After doing all the stuff again plus setting “chmod -R u+x *”, they are good to go. Finally.

Thank you sdayman and ardco! :slight_smile:

Memo to self: I learned something today. Thanks ardco.