Permission denied error

I’m in the process of trying to get Gallery to work. All funtions work (pictures upload correctly etc) but am receiving the following error on the top of each page.

Warning: fopen("/home/lakelida/", “a+”) - Permission denied in /home/.jackson/lakelida/ on line 55
Error: Could not open lock file (/home/lakelida/!

I have checked the support forms for gallery and they suggest to chmod the albums directory to 777.

I know this is not possible on dreamhost so i changed it to 755.

The error remains. Any suggestions?? You can see the error here after clicking on the photo:

If you haven’t already, I’d suggest checking out the great howto at:

This was written by another forum member. We should probably put it in kbase.

These instructions worked like a charm for me.

I did find this howto before… this is my third attempt using it. After using the suggestion to

chmod 777 i get the error:

Warning: open_basedir restriction in effect. File is in wrong directory in /home/.jackson/lakelida/ on line 55

Warning: fopen("/home/lakelida/", “wb”) - Operation not permitted in /home/.jackson/lakelida/ on line 55

If I set it to 755… I get the error in the original post. And yes I did delete the cookie.

Do you get the error in your browser?

Please advise. THANKS!

Any suggestions? Still having same errors.

I recommend reviewing the file paths you have entered in the Gallery configuration wizard. One of the paths in the error message had a double slash:


I don’t remember seeing a double slash in the path name when I ran into this problem. This is a wild shot, but make sure you don’t have a slash at the end of the path for the albums directory. You should have it set to:


Made that fix… unfortunatly it didn’t do the trick.

Getting the same error. Anyone have any ideas?