Permalinks in WordPress Using a Mac

Hi Folks,

I’ve been reading and re-reading how to do this and am not having any luck. I’m told that my .htaccess file is invisible with a Mac GUI and that it should be visible because the WebFTP default is to show hidden files. Anyhow if anyone has a 1, 2, 3…22-step method that walks me through setting up Permalinks using WordPress, .htaccess, and mod_rewrite on a Mac, I would appreciate it. It doesn’t seem like it should be this hard.

Jim Ullman

Do you want to set this up on a “Mac” or on the DreamHost server?

The WordPress Codex has such a “step by step” set of instructions, but it assumes you are using a copy of WordPress installed on a server.


I don’t think you need to edit .htaccess yourself. Wordpress should do it for you. Is WP unable to write to the .htaccess file?


If I understand/interprete this correct, I think you mean that your ftp-client does not show invisible files. In some clients (e.g. the one I am using, Cyberduck on Mac) you can turn this on in the applications preferences.

The other part regarding Permalinks I cannot help you with.
(And I am not sure if I could help with the other q either)