Perl Scripts

I have downloaded three Perl Search Scripts. one from Matt’s Script Archive, one from NMS Projects, and one from WWW.CGISCRIPT.NET, LLC.

None of them will work. I can’t even setup the third one because it reqires me to open a file named csSearch.cgi in my browser, and when I try, I get all kinds of server errors. I chmod it to 755 exactly how it says to do, but still, no dice. the second two run, and give me a result page, but it’s always blank. It’s not even searching, it’s as though I just put alink on a page to another page. It should be searching a file with thousands of entries in it, and that should take a minute or so at least right?

What I’m attempting to do is, my site is organized in sections. I have one subfolder named food. Under food, I have nyc (for recipes exported from Now your’re cooking cookbook software), and one for bigoven, (for recipes exported to htm from BigOven cookbook software) Under each of those two folders, are folders for each category. My cookbooks each put out the recipes in individual htm files, and an index.htm file that serves as a link menu list to the recipes. Instead of bogging the search down looking through more than 30,000 files, I want it to go into each index.html in each folder, and search there. According to the instructions with all three of the scripts, that is what they are supposed to do. Alsoi, as my site grows, it’s very simple to add search folders to the configuration file.

I can copy and paste the section for the configuration. Right now, I’m working with the one I got from NMS. I can even put the original zip files on my site for download so you would have access the entire script, and the readme files that come with them. For that matter, I would email the zip files to you. I really do need some help.

Is anyone familiar with these scripts? Can anyone help me?

any help is appreciated.