Perl Scripting (Specifically the YABB2 Forum Sys)


I was wondering if anyone with Dreamhost hosting uses the YABB2 forum system and what it entailed for you to get it working. I know that some hosting requires that the YABB2 core files be placed in the cgi-bin directory and I was wondering what the perl directory is that needs to be put in the first line of all .pl or .cgi files. Thanks.

I haven’t used YABB2, but I can answer your other questions. Perl is at /usr/bin/perl, and symlinked from /usr/local/bin/perl, so either path will work. You don’t need a cgi-bin directory; files ending in .cgi can be executed from anywhere on your site. If you want to apply the same to .pl files, put the following line in an .htaccess file in the root directory of your site:

AddHandler cgi-script .pl

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I use YaBB 2 and found the default as set up by YaBB works perfectly here. My files all show this as the first line:

#!/usr/bin/perl –

Yabb2 should be fine, on any of the Dreamhost plans.

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