Perl Script Errors

I have used DCForum for over 4 years and for about four months on Dreamhost. This morning sometime from 2am to 8am I get a script error when I try to directly load one file from /cgi-bin/dcforum/

It has the right permissions. However, it is odd because works with 755 permissions

however does not work, and there were no changes to the file at all since it stopped working.

Adding to the wierdness, you can load other scripts through (i.e. go to ) and click on any link EXCEPT conferences, and it will work.

I am just simply confused.

That error doesn’t mean the permissions on the script file are wrong. The script is probably trying to perform a file operation (read/write, make a directory, etc) and not being able to do so because of permissions on that file/directory.

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