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I was wondering if it would be possible to get a perl module isntalled? I was hoping to be able to use Image::Magik on postac.

I thought Image::Magick was installed as part of the standard Perl dist. You mispelt Magick in your post – you sure that isn’t the problem?

Other than that, try using the support tab in the control panel to send a message directly to support to get this sort of thing installed.


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It should already be installed everywhere:

lol, boy do I feel silly. I did make that type-o. shrug go figure.

Anyway, I’m having a different issue, now.

I’m getting this error:
Can’t locate auto/Image/Magick/ in @INC

My code looks kinda like this:

$image = new Image::Magick();
$result = $image->Read($upload_dir."/".$filename);
%args = { geometry => ‘100x100’ };
$result = $image->Resize(%args);

Is the module maybe not installed correctly or something?

Oh yah. I was wondering, is it maybe becasue of the version of ImageMagick installed? I’m not exactly married to using Image::Magick. If you all know of any other way of resizing an imge in a perl script, I’m open to other options.

You can resize using ImageMagick’s ‘convert’ program on the command line (that is, using backticks in a perl program.) Shelling to another program inside a huge program like the Perl interpreter isn’t exactly my idea of an elegant solution, but it’s “any ole port in a storm” time.

When I had problems using PerlMagick, I was told that the problem was that I was trying to use the “wrong version” of PerlMagick (as if I had something to do with installing their versions of PerlMagick and ImageMagick) and that I should install my own version of ImageMagick.

The docs for ImageMagick say you need to be root to install. You can get around that by pulling some legerdemain, I understand, but hey, I’ve only been working with computers since 1969, and I couldn’t get it to work. At some point, I give up and take the easy way out. I got my own server so I could be root.

So what am I still doing here? Well, it’s taking me a while to move everything. One domain left at this point, so February should be my last month. Seems a shame; I have DreamHost’s biggest plan, and it costs me less than $40 a month. It’s a lot more than that for a server.

I’ve been with Dreamhost since 1998. They’ve been a good company to deal with.

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