Perl Module install error

I’m trying to follow the instructions for installing local::lib (basically, a local CPAN repository) located here:

And it goes fine, up until I try to install LWP:
perl -MCPAN -e ‘install(LWP)’

I get this error:

[code]base/message…88/110 # Test 109 got: 'Content-Encoding: gzip, base64, identity
Content-Type: text/plain

’ (base/message.t at line 438)

Expected: 'Content-Encoding: gzip, base64, identity

Content-Type: text/plain


base/message.t line 438 is: ok($m->as_string, <<‘EOT’);

[/code]That’s the only error. Any thoughts?

I’ve been trying to install the Catalyst framework for the last few days, and I continually run into this issue, not just with the LWP module. I’ve tried following the wiki’s Catalyst install instructions, and CPAN install instructions separately, and continually run into issues where it’s asking for the sudo password. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it with local::lib, but now I get this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Turned out it was a dependency issue that CPAN didn’t address–needed to install the Compress::Zlib module first.

Thank you for posting this.

I didn’t know about local::lib and was trying to work around an environment issue with cpan. So while I didn’t help you, your question helped me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. Glad I could help. :slight_smile: