Perl, frames, and Dreamweaver


I’m trying to get a Perl script running in a frame but I don’t know if it is even possible.

I am trying to help a college with user uploads for her upcoming conference. I told her I’d just modify a Perl script that I have to do that and she’d be in business. I copied it over to her site and it’s been doing its job nicely.

Then I had to try to impress her. The script just does what it’s supposed to, but looks so plain with just a line of text, an input field, a browse button and a upload button. I thought maybe I should dress it up to look more like her other pages for continuity, and give the user a way to navigate back after uploading. She has a nifty looking navigation bar and header, and I wondered if I could use those. I started poking around on her home page, and Oh crap! she’s using frames. I’ve been reading up in Dreamweaver 2004 help, trying to remember how frames work, and after a lot of cussing, I at least made a test page with a left frame containing her Nav bar, and a main frame to hold the upload screen. But Dreamweaver doesn’t play so nice with Perl. I tried to drop the Perl code in the main window by removing all the html stuff and pasting code in, and also by trying to make the page link to the Perl code. But when viewing the page, the Perl code appears as text. I tried editing in vi to change the html code so the frame src = theperlscript.cgi name =“mainFrame” but it still appears as text. The Perl script bangs the correct path to Perl in the first line.

Is this approach, mixing Perl and frames, even possible?

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I seldom use frames and did not know this problem of mixing Perl and frames.

Is it possible to convert this page using layers and tables?

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What you are experiencing is a DreamWeaver “feature” - there is no reason you can’t run a perl script inside a frame … it’s just next to impossible to get DreamWeaver to do it.

I’d code the whole thing in a text editor, but I see no reason why you couldn’t code the shell (with an “empty” frame for the perl script to live in) in DreamWeaver and then add the perl code in a decent editor.

That should work fine … just don’t edit it again in DreamWeaver. :wink:



I did a search in google and did not find anything related to the problem of mixing perl and frames.

You may want to revise your codes again :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a piece of cake.

I have an example using all Perl here:

But it would be much easier to do what rlparker said and create an static frameset document file and and just set the SRC attribute of a single frame to that of your upload script. Without using Dreamweaver.

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[quote]I have an example using all Perl here:[/quote]
That’s really nice; thanks for doing that and sharing it! :slight_smile:



Thanks. It turns out the version that I had edited with Vim was working fine. I must have been looking at browser cache or overwrote the remote version with DW somehow.

It does seem like the DW treatment of frames does more to confuse me than help.

Is there a better text editor for html /Perl than vi? I like vi. It was like being able to speak in my native tongue again.

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Hey, I’m a firm believer in the ancient wisdom that says the “better” editor is the one you know and like the best!

Different strokes for different folks! :wink:



Oh, I see why I didn’t see it was working. If I just hit the browser’s refresh, it doesn’t necessarily refresh the frame that contains the script. Is it only refreshing the active frame or is it the first frame? To actually see changes in the script take effect, I have to click in the url box, then hit enter, to reread all the frames.

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