Perl Form Mail

I just transferred our webhosting over to Dream Host and the Form Mail file that we’ve been using on our site does not seem to be working here.

The page I’m trying to get to work is our quote request form, here:

It links to a Perl FormMail file. Does someone know what I have to do in order to get it to work?


To get that form to work, you would need to install” in your cgi-bin dir and properly configure it for use here. I think it is far easier to just use ours:

More information at is already in the cgi-bin directory. How would I configure it? I read somewhere that I may have to set the permissions to 755. How would I go about doing that?

You can set the permissions on the file using your FTP program. Most of them allow that sort of thing.

Basically (depending on your FTP program) you select your remote file (in this case, your PL file), then right-click to get a context-sensitive menu and choose “Permissions…” Some FTP clients have other ways of implementing that function, such as a button, or so forth.

You want to be sure that your Perl script is executable by anyone and everyone.

You might also want to look at the CGI-BIN directory itself and make sure its permissions are similarly set.

Thank you!!! It worked and it only took a couple seconds. Rebuilding the page as the DreamHost tech support suggested would have taken way longer.

I’m glad it helped!

To be fair to DH (who are very helpful!), unless you’re super-invested in your own scripting, I am totally supportive of the suggestion above to use DH’s built-in script.

But in a lot of cases (and yours might very well be one), if you’ve got a lot of pages depending on that PL script, and you’re pretty confident it rocks most smartly, then it’s going to be easier to get your own PL script up and running, instead of rewriting all those other pages.

have fun!