Perl Email::Send, cpanm, and bears, oh my



I just want to upgrade Bugzilla to v4.4.
The says required modules are missing.
"/usr/bin/perl --all" gets killed for excessive resource usage.
So I try to install the modules one at a time.
I start with:
/usr/bin/perl Email::Send
But that gets killed too.
The DH wiki suggests using cpanm to minimize memory usage.
After unpacking dependency Return-Value-1 and “All tests successful”, it begins building Email-Send-2.198, but ends with "Can’t locate Return/"
That’s followed by a stream of failed tests and termination.

Again, I just want to upgrade Bugzilla to v4.4.
What can I do to install the right modules, or reference them somewhere on the DH server?

sigh As it usually happens right after crying for help, the issue has been resolved.

I just keep manually re-running :
/usr/bin/perl Email::Send
Each time it runs it has to do less so eventually it ran within memory limits and completed successfully. I did the same for other required dependencies. finally completed successfully.


This suggests that cpanm is installing to a directory that is not on your Perl include path. Make sure that you have the PERL5LIB environment variable set, and that it’s pointed to the correct location. (It should usually end with “lib/perl5”.)


As I was going through these operations I saw the Perl modules getting loaded into the path where I have bugzilla, but cpanm was logging and saving other config data at the user_root/cpanm (or similar). Yes, I’m very interested in ensuring that when I load a package that it’s accessible to all sites, rather than needing to duplicate the code/filespace for every site or application. I’ll look into PERL5LIB but based on this reply do you have any other suggestions? Thanks Andrew!!