Perl email form help

Well, my email form was working yesterday… I modded it to 755 as normal and it was working, but today it is not.

It’s a simple NMS perl script which is working fine on my other host (I’m moving sites over to Dream Host as I have time)

Are NMS perl scripts allowed?

Or, does Dream Host have their own script they want used and if so where can I find that?

And… since my site is now loading as SSL, why when I press the submit button on my email form I get a popup on my browser saying the form is not secure?

  1. Is there an error in the error.log for the domain?

  2. Check that the form in the HTML refers to a relative URL or a absolute URL starting with https.

No error… the email just never shows up when I try
to email myself using the form.

It worked fine on the other host

I did update the URL to include the S now that it is SSL

The page that works with this script is

I can send myself a message… but the message never arrives.

If I can’t figure this out… do you guys have email form scripts
that you would recommend to replace mine with?

For whatever reason… the email address that is being hosted with a different host from where the website is being hosted at… is somehow rejected and preventing the email from going thru.

I can work around this so it’s at least good to know that the script is actually working under SSL…

Looks like the form is working now (just tried)… how did you fix the issue?

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