Perl: building svnnotify

I know almost zero about perl/cpan, but decided I would really like to use svnnotify as it provides very nice notification emails for svn commits. So, I tried to build it using cpan, thinking it would somehow do a “local” installation, if such a thing even exists in the perl world. Well, the command I gave

cpan -i SVN::Notify

sailed along quite happily until it got to the point where it wanted to do an install, and of course it thinks I want to install it in /usr/local/share/perl, where I don’t have permissions to do so. So, is there some way to get this installed locally, or do I have to request that DH install this on the server for me? Do they do that kind of thing, in general?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Have a look at Q5 here:

My .cpan/CPAN/ contains:

‘makepl_arg’ => q[PREFIX=/home/username/perl LIB=/home/username/perl/lib],

‘mbuildpl_arg’ => q[install_base=/home/username/perl],