Has anybody been noticing any performance issues with DreamCompute lately ?

I have an instance with 2 VCPUs and 2GB of memory that is running CentOS 7, Nginx, PHP, MySQL (Well, MariaDB) and has a test WordPress site on it.

I set it up about two weeks ago and the performance was really good, but now it seems to take a couple of seconds just to pull back a minified css file. Google loads almost instantly for me so it isn’t my internet connection.

Here’s the test installation: (Load the page with caching disabled)

It has the following plugins enabled, just as it did two weeks ago:
[]Auto Clean URL for SEO
]DreamObjects Backups
[]iThemes Security
]WP Super Cache (Not configured)

I tested this from my home and the site loaded in under 1.5s.

I also tested using pingdom’s website speed test and it loaded in about 1s -!/7omCs/

This is a guess, but perhaps WordPress or the server was running some maintenance tasks at the time?

Yes the site seems fine today, I will monitor it closely and check the server resources if it happens again. I think you might be right about a maintenance task or backup occurring, but I was checking it over a reasonable period of time. Having said that I don’t have a proper production-ready configuration on there for PHP and MariaDB so maybe a task was taking a very long time.