Just a quick question. Does anyone know where Dreamhosts servers are physically located?

Like many others, I moved a ton of sites only to see response times of 10 - 60+ seconds when a database is involved. A few times when it actually crapped out I see a server root with “Bangaldesh” in it.

I’m just curious. My clients are demanding that I move off this host, so I don’t have an option.

I’m experiencing TERRIBLE slowdowns on my sites today. This is making me quite upset, as I just recently recommended DH to a number of clients.

Now I’m having SERIOUS second thoughts.

Would someone please post and let me know what is going on? I emailed Tech Support, but am yet to hear back.


As far as I know, they’re all in Los Angeles, CA. See my reply to your other comment for an explanation for the “bangladesh” that you’re seeing.

I’m having slowness issues too. I just signed up with DH yesterday and have transferred my PHPNUke site. Luckily I haven’t switched over my domain yet. I’m currently using a mirrored URL through and it’s literally 5-6 times slower than my other site (I can open 5-6 pages in the time it takes to open one).

This is ridiculous. Last night there were 330(!!) support requests pending. Now there are 437(!!!). How can any host hope to keep customers when they are very slow and have non-existent customer support? I’ll be cancelling my account on Monday if this continues.

The number of requests in the support queue doesn’t necessarily mean anything. If they have a thousand tickets in the queue and still manage to respond to the thousand-and-oneth within 24 hours, all’s well. So far they’ve been relatively good at getting back to us within the allotted timeframe. Sometimes the responses haven’t even been canned messages.

That said, it’s been almost 10 days since we gave them the go-ahead for the server-move to a less crowded server. I wonder how long this stuff is supposed to take anyway…

How do you give them permission to move your site to a less crowded server? I think mysql server is the one which is packed ;( Deals & Coupon Codes. Why Pay Retail?

Ask them about it. Tell them that you’re experiencing slow-downs. They’re trying to make things work, and would probably be glad to help you.

By the way, I started a thread on forums on the possible causes of these slowdowns. My theory is that the webserver’s too stressed, as evidenced by the load average, but I’m not sure of course because I don’t run a webhosting business. So I figured I’d ask the people in the trade; feel free to take a look and maybe pipe in on what you think is going on. If you do though, please try to keep it civil.

I’ve noticed that if I gunzip a file in /tmp, it sends the server load average to about 60. (/home is fast; only /tmp is slow.) That probably doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but I’ve never seen it before.

I haven’t quite figured out the infrastructure, but there seems to be a number of servers (or at least IP addresses) involved in delivering a page.

  1. There’s your main server.
  2. Your web site has a different IP address from the main server. In fact, every subdomain is potentially served from a different IP. They’re usually named They seem to re-use the same names across all servers. I don’t know how this works.
  3. There’s a filer, which is where your files are actually stored.
  4. There’s probably a MySQL server. (And perhaps these use the filers too… and maybe some other layer of abstraction, judging by the way they’re named.)

… not to mention the hardware involved in connecting all these devices.

It might help to see if people who are experiencing performance problems share anything in common.

My sites all work fine. (They use databases, but not heavily.)

Yeah, there certainly are a plethora of IP addresses involved though I think many are addresses bound to the same server (server cluster), like the address of the main server and your website’s IP addy. I think DH doesn’t cram more than around thirty sites on one IP address (I could be wrong), but presumably the server holds hundreds of sites. So I’m thinking items 1 and 2 are the same workhorse server, and that’s what’s being the bottleneck at zorg. Then there’s the filer and the SQL server, but those have seemed to work ok lately.

A quick glance at the DNS records in the control panel show a lot of wonky records… who needs anyway? :slight_smile: