Performance Preview


Are there any current clients of DreamHost that would share their website here so we can gauge server performance?
Perhaps you can also share your thoughts on the speed of MySQL as this would be the first time we’ve used a host where the MySQL server was located on a separate server.

Thanks in advance!
Jason Paschal


In theory, a site that has a separate MySQL server should be faster, safer, and more reliable. I’ve had no trouble with this arrangement at all; however, I am not what you would call the typical “power” user.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog


You can check out one of my websites, it’s a blog search engine I programmed myself. Searching it is reasonably fast, keep in mind there’s almost 5 million blogs in my database. I’m using the default PHP 5 installation and the database is still on MySQL 4.

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If you click the small ‘LOG-IN’ in the top right corner of the DreamHost home page, you can sign-up for a free WEBID.

You can then log-in to the Web Admin Panel and go to dhsotm (DreamHost Site Of The Month), here you will find a multitude of sites hosted on DreamHost servers. These should give you a pretty good idea of how various types of sites perform here.

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Man, I didn’t realise that there were so many interesting sites hosted on DreamHost. A man could spend weeks looking through all them sites :slight_smile:

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