Performance issues with discussion lists?


I’m running a small 10 person list and running into a few problems with message delays - it sometimes takes a few hours for messages members send to the list to be distributed. This is fairly irritating when trying to hold planning conversations!

Has anyone else come across this issue?



Are you on the new or the old discussion list server (if you specifically were moved to the new one, or if you signed up in the past 3 weeks or so, you’re on the new one).

See if the messages have “” or “” in the headers.

Thanks Will for the prompt response.

I’m on ‘geronimo’



I’m having the same issue on “”. The list is

When you have problems like this, please send the delayed message with the full headers (ALL OF THEM!) to support so we can see where the delay is happening. Also, if you want to look at them yourself, look at the differences in times (adjust for timezones) between the different headers and see which part of the process is slowing it down.

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I haven’t received the messages yet. I sent them last night and they are archived but I have not received the post in e-mail yet.

woops. My fault I think.

The addresses subscribed are “in-transit” from another host to Dreamhost, but I’ve yet to propogate the name servers (until I tie up some loose ends).

My guess is that the list is sending the post internally. I figured this out by subbing an address unrelated to Dreamhost.