Performance increase on VPS?

Hi all,

I have a VPS with about 10 to 15 Drupal sites running on it. None are extremely high traffic but each has at least a few visitors a day. I can’t be sure its a pattern but I believe some of my sites are starting to run slowly specifically when logged in a administrator performing tasks like installing modules and changing themes. I am wondering if this has to do with CPU throttling…

I am wondering if I should:

a) Increase the RAM on my VPS. I read somewhere that the amount of CPU that you are allocated depends on the amount of RAM you use. Is that true? I currently am on 400Mb RAM but my graph shows that I never really go higher than 200Mb.


b) Move from VPS to PS. I imagine I would get a big performance boost moving to a dedicated server. Is that the case?

Any suggestions??

What I get from DH support is. Even on panel it only shows 200MB, some times it goes over your 400MB and processes get killed and your site gets slow or off. But you won’t see it. But it happens.

Thanks… any way I could see if that was the case? Any error logs?