Performance across different DH hosts

I am setting up a new site with mysql etc.

The process I use is:

  • create the site, e.g. This site is still living somewhere else (not dreamhost). DNS changes will happen last.

  • create a mirror of at one of my existing DH sites, e.g.

  • I do all the setup there, however all DB’s need to be created off of, as the new site is not in DH DNS yet.

  • Once all is good I change the dns and any configs for the new site to make it stand on it’s own.

The question is, should I dump the DB from the mirror and create a new one on the real final site? Are there performance issues if I don’t do this? I see in looking that one set of my IP’s are over in (like the ones with the DB) the *.163.234.3 nets and the newer ones I created for fubware is like: *.236.160.64



You should be able to Merge all DBs onto one server. That should take care of the issue.