Pending Rewards

It’s been over a year since I last got a referral, so I can’t remember how long it takes for a rewards payment to go through.

I have a referral who signed up on 2007-07-13, and the payment status is “Pending.” I have $97 one-time pay set up, and I plan on cashing out just as soon as it’s available.

I seem to remember that it takes awhile to be able to do that. Something like, it takes a few weeks for the “pending” to be removed, and then I have to wait until the first of the month… or something like that…

Is that right? Did that even make sense? (It’s early… I’m groggy…) :slight_smile:

Basically… when can I reasonably expect to be able to cash out a reward after initial sign-up?


It’s my fault Black Leaf died!

After the initial 97-Day Money-Back Guarantee period has passes for the person you referred.


As long as they don’t use the 97 day money back guarantee it will pay out the first of the month after that time has passed.

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