Pending - no response, ever?

Hey guys - I’ve setup a hosting account and for more than a day it has said my account is “pending”? The in the middle of that time somehow I had another hosting plan added - then on top of that I’ve emailed support more than 3 times to get this all figured out.

I’ve not heard one response from support since my starting of the plan. I am going to have to cancel my DreamHost account if this is a reflection of how the response time is on setup / issues.

Is this common in these parts?

You could try tweet them @DreamHostCare and ask that someone put a rush on it. Include ticket numbers.

I guess the best way to get a support ticket seen is threaten to cancel your account. Geez DreamHost - I would have stayed with you if you could of had that response time to my other less threatening letters. :frowning:

The gang that handles manual approvals seems to be a business hours on monday thru friday group. I’m not sure all of the factors that might kick you out of automated approval and make you wait for manual, but it does seem that dreamhost could have a better method of informing you as to the status of your account. A simple email that says your account is pending manual approval at this time, this will happen when the billing dept re-opens on the next business day.

Regular support people do work 24/7. I once opened an emergency ticket at 6am Dreamhost time on a Sunday morning and the problem was resolved in under an hour.