Pending for Two Weeks - Really!?

My account has been pending for almost two weeks. Is there nobody that can help me with this?

It doesn’t look as though your signup went through properly — I don’t see a domain or any payment information on your account. If you’d like, I can go ahead and close out your existing account so you can try signing up again, or you can contact DreamHost support for more information!


I suppose it is best to close out the existing account. I did provide my credit card information and want to make sure I don’t get charged. Can you help me with this?

Thanks for your assistance.

Okay, I’ve cleared out your old account, so you should be able to try signing up again at

Your credit card information was never recorded on your first account, so you will not be billed for it.

I have the same problem. Its been two days, I’ve deleted my 5 apps and when I try to install WordPress for example it says “Error: It appears your account is still pending. You may need to sign up for DreamHost Apps with a different e-mail, or add hosting through the DreamHost control panel.”

I sent a ‘help’ message but it does say they may not reply as its a free service :frowning: