Pending approvel

I registerd and payedfor my site three days ago i dont know what to do will it ever work how much longer will this take i have also contacted them about it to

edit- it was the code monster sale package

It should take up to 48 hours to update the nameservers for your website. After that, when you attend you will receive a blank root directory.

Following ability to see a blank root directory, you may upload index.html, index.php,, or whatever suits your programming preferences in your / directory of your FTP Panel.

but i cant upload anything as it is in in pending approvel and has been more than 48 hours

Please contact support. Your website name has not been registered.

ive done all that twice i didnt relise this would be so hard what did i do wrong ¬_¬

It may have been that you said you already owned your domain name. Just give them a chance…they are great about making things right! : )