Pending approval

Hey, I’m new here I just signed up.Anyways my friend gave me privileges to his account. So he gave me a username and password.He gave me privileges to a domain which he got me. But there’s a problem I can’t manage it/make databases or anything for some reason. At the bottom it says.

This account is currently pending approval.

If you’ve already made payment your account should be activated within one business day.

It’s been 3 days, this is the 4th and I still can’t do anything. I was just wondering how often does a business day come along lol.

First, welcome (almost) aboard.

I am assuming you personally made payment for your account. If you paid with PayPal, it may take more time (search in this forum for PayPal).

If you paid by check, it may take even more time.

I think the “one business day” means after DH (DreamHost) knows they actually have payment in possession, they will activate your account “very soon”.

On the other hand, if your friend has an account here and is also paying for your account, you (both) might run into an issue. DH provides a lot of space and bandwidth for a very small amount of money, but does charge for going over those generous limits. If it looks to DH like your friend is trying to get a second account, then you should both read the terms of service very carefully.


What confused me about the post is that this is a subaccount from main account. Is the main account working yet?

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I think you are confused about what is happening here, oddways… :wink:

The sub-account he is referring to sounds as though it is only the delegation of privileges and the original account (now several days old) is what is pending. This is why the OP can’t actually do anything yet even though he has privileges.

Depending upon various circumstances and situations, some accopunts take awhile to be actually approved and activated. We can guess all we want about the cause of the delay, but Dreamhost support is really the only one who can tell him for sure what the hold-up is.