Pending approval


I signed up, rather I tried to, on Saturday. As of today, Friday, it still says my account is pending approval. I can login with the email I signed up with, and it shows in the side pane that I am still pending approval. Also, I did not receive any kind of confirmation email, so does anyone know whether the transaction went through or not? Thanks!


It takes some time for new accounts to be approved.

If you have seen the successful payment page, you are safe. However, you can always contact DH support to check your account status via DH panel --> Support --> Contact Support

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hmm, do you recall if you got a confirmation email? I thought it was kind of weird that when I put in my billing that it went straight back to the first signup screen, and I also got no email.

I paid using paypal and received a confirmation email from paypal. It said that I have paid XXX to DH.

After DH approves your account, they will send you an confirmation email with your FTP user account and password, First email user account and password.

Some people complain about very late reply from DH. You can always chase them via the panel.

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I notice that this seems to happen if you use PayPal. When I originally signed up with a regular credit card and the approval was near-instantaneous.


Thanks for the replies everyone.

I used a normal card for the sign in process, so…

There have been a few reports of this happening lately. It is possible that your application did not go through correctly. I would suggest contacting support via the Support -> Contact Support section of the panel and explaining the situation.


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