Pending account?!

Everything seems OK, i double checked all of my
info and the billing was successful - i got billed! (ticket #6441160)

I had experience with several web hosting (more then 10) including few in Europe and in the middle east and this type of situation is new to me, especially while you first get billed and few seconds later get the pending status and the official deceleration is at least 24h or more to resolve???.

this is very unprofessional of dreamhost, I went through the wiki and the forum and it seems like a regular thing, everybody knows about it, the company is aware of it and yet nothing is being done.

all I needed was a 2-3 pages wordpress website ready for a presentation i’m holding tomorrow in front of 20-30 which will later be the only users of the website, it doesn’t look like this will be happening, the only thing i’m sure about is that I will not be using DreamHost next time.

I hope this will be resolved as soon as possible.

David Tweeto.

My theory is that this is Dreamhost’s way of making sure that everyone knows that there is a continual stream of people registering (or trying to register) new accounts.

i.e. it is a morale booster.