Pending Account

I have signed up to dreamhost with a promo code/ gift cert, it’s been 30 hours since I received an email stating my account needed to be reviewed etc and it will be dealt with within 24 hrs. I can’t get in touch with anyone without it stating 24hrs etc, the problem I have is there are several websites of mine which are hosted with GoDaddy and my account is about to expire, with me signing up to DreamHost I see no reason to pay for another year with GoDaddy, can anyone help with some kind of timeframe, I can’t afford any downtime, and in case it might have something to do with it I’m based within the UK.

We don’t have support over the weekend that can approve accounts, so if you got caught by the checker it’ll be till today (and I see the folks who deal with that are in now) that someone can sort it out.

The dreamhost approvals team isn’t in the office on weekends. They have some security features built in, if you get thrown into the manual approvals queue you have to wait til normal office hours GMT-8 M-F, despite the process telling you it can take up to 24 hours which is false beginning every Friday afternoon.

Yeah, we need to fix that. :confused:

Okay thanks, much appreciated !