Pending Account

I’ve created a account yesterday.

This account is currently pending. Please have us call you now for immediate approval!

I click and nothing`s happen…

I already sent 2 or 3 tickets with no awnser



Our approvals team work regular business hours Monday-Friday.
If I can get your domain or ticket numbers, I can go ahead and get that manually approved as soon as they get in tomorrow morning. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Dee J.




You’re welcome! I do see 3 tickets open here and
have forwarded them to approvals, once your account is approved you’ll receive an email! I’ll update here as well just incase you don’t get that email. Again, thanks for being so patient. :slight_smile:

Dee J.

Thanks, I didn’t know about bussiness hour.
And why link to call is not working?

Nobody ?


Just spoke with approvals and your account is still pending due to the Google payment that hasn’t posted yet. One of our admins is working on your submitted tickets and will explain in detail via email. You can reply there directly with any questions or comments. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

Dee J.