Pending Account

Hello, my account has been pending for a period of days. I sent in a support ticket, but i received no reply in over 24 hours. My number is #1462910. Did i do something wrong? I am just not sure whether I did something incorrectly or if it normally takes this long. Thanks.

geomike - Your account tripped something. Our approvals team doesn’t work weekends, generally, and yesterday was a US holiday, so I’m pretty sure they were out of the office. When your account get hung up like that, we have to wait till someone who understand that system can sort it out (I have to go pester them for help usually).

I know they’ll be in today as of 9am Pacific, so someone will grab your ticket as soon as they can and sort it out.

Oh I see. Thanks so much. Hopefully it will get done today. Thanks again.