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Hi all,
I had registered with dream host on Apr 12th, 2008 and made payment via google chekout , and I received receipt of Google Checkout payment but when I login in my account at the My Account it show me pending. can you tell me how much time this will take for approval? & still I did’t received my ftp password.

I also submit ticket 1 day 11 hours ago, but I only get reply from Dreamhost Ticket Moving Robot, also is there any live chat facility to chat with support team???


There is not live chat. You can purchase callback support if you have a U.S. phone number for $10 a month extra.

BTW, have you checked out the answers to the post made 5 hours before you with someone in exactly the same issue:

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Why here this activation things take too much time, I also check support wiki & I found this “The Approval process takes anywhere from a few minutes to 3 hours” but still my account is pending. Anyway but I think whatever problem, dreamhost should reply to ticket. because 2 days gone & I didn’t received any reply.


There are lots of reasons it might take much longer than a few hours. DreamHost has a pretty extensive fraud detection system that is triggered by many things, and they do not share publically what triggers it for security reasons.

Past information shared here by others indicates that addresses, phone numbers, country of origin, method of payment, and IP address as related to those things are some of the things can can cause your request for an account to be flagged for human review.

This does not necessarily mean that you did anything wrong, or that you account request is considered fraudulent; it only means a person will have to review it before account creation can proceed.

This is Monday morning in the U.S., where DreamHost is based, and many of the administrative staff do not work on weekends, so it is likely that your account request is in the queue, along with your support request, and will be addressed in turn.

I’m sure that they will respond to your ticket, but am not surprised that you did not get a response about the status of your new account over the weekend - it was likely forwarded to those that will have to deal with it during the work week.

I hope they get you set up soon! :slight_smile:



Also, Google Checkout has a reputation for taking a long time to clear. Even though Checkout gave you a receipt, it still has to make its way through the DreamHost approval process. I’ll just say that it should be “any day now.”



I’m not sure if there are still problems, but I remember a year ago or so that a lot of people were having issues with Google Checkout for the purchase. I’ve always used a normal credit card for purchasing anything through Dreamhost, and it has always worked fairly quick, by my standards anyway.