Pending Account and No support?

I just signed up. I wanted to set up my business Wordpress and see how horrible it is going to be to migrate data. But my account is stuck on “pending” which I was not prepared for. Of course, I emailed customer support (no answer) and tried to chat, but I’ve been waiting in the queue for about 20 minutes.

Is this normal support for DreamHost? I’ve used several companies, and this is the first one where I set up, paid and had to wait to use it. And I can’t find a phone number to call.

Perhaps I am dodging a bullet and need to keep looking for a better host?

Never mind. So disappointed in support. Took 20 minutes to get someone on chat and then she couldn’t help at all. I cancelled my order. Too many places to choose to have such crappy support.

Horrible chat experience too:

(09:06:18) *** Darcy joined the chat ***
(09:06:18) Darcy: I signed up for an account but it says “pending.” Nothing suggested things wouldn’t be set up immediately. I am trying to see if I am able to migrate my old site to this platform and need an answer today. How long is it going to take to get this off pending?
(09:13:35) Darcy: Hello?
(09:20:47) *** Claudia joined the chat ***
(09:20:51) Claudia: Hi Darcy! Thanks for reaching out to DreamHost Live Chat support. My name is Claudia and I will be happy to assist. Please give me a moment to pull up your account.
(09:22:28) Claudia: I am sorry for the wait. Is this for the domain?
(09:23:16) Darcy: Yes
(09:23:23) Darcy: Sorry, Ive been waiting about 20 minutes.
(09:23:31) Darcy: Actually ready to cancel this and try another company.
(09:24:50) Claudia: My apologies. It looks like this issue is being looked into at this very moment. Our devs are working to get that set up for you. You’ll be sent an email as soon as that is fixed
(09:25:18) Darcy: How long is going to take? I wasn’t expecting this delay. I’ve already wasted about 30 minutes.
(09:26:18) Claudia: I’m sorry for that Darcy, this is being worked on right now and once resolved we will send you an email
(09:26:46) Darcy: That didn’t answer my question. You know what? It did. If this is the support, then I need to go with another company.
(09:27:27) Claudia: I’m sorry you feel that way Darcy. I don’t have an exact timeframe, but I am more than happy to email you once this is fixed
(09:29:05) Claudia: Do you have any other questions I can answer for you?
(09:29:13) Darcy: When do I get my refund?
(09:30:11) Claudia: I am not clear on what you mean. I will email you once this issue is resolved. If that time you no longer want to keep the account you can cancel it in the panel
(09:30:48) Darcy: I canceled my account. I am so disappointed in support that I don’t want to waste any more of my time.
(09:31:07) Darcy: I want my refund that was promised when I signed up.
(09:32:23) Claudia: I’m sorry for this issue Darcy. Unfortunately, you’ll want to wait until the service is up in order to cancel
(09:32:49) Claudia: At this point is it stuck in pending state. I will email you once that is completed so you can cancel it.
(09:32:54) Darcy: Too late. I already canceled.
(09:33:16) Claudia: As I’ve explained, it is not canceled yet
(09:33:31) Darcy: Success! This account has been closed, effective immediately! Your hosting services with us are now all closed and you won’t be charged again (unless you decide to renew any active domain registrations you still have of course)! Hopefully we’ll see you back again some day. Thanks for using our services, The Happy DreamHost Account Closing Robot!
(09:33:39) Darcy: Seems to me that the system disagrees with you.
(09:33:57) Claudia: Do you have any other questions I can answer for you?
(09:34:04) Darcy: When will I get my refund???
(09:34:09) Claudia: Hmm
(09:34:57) Claudia: You’ll need to submit a ticket for billing
(09:35:02) Claudia: To submit a “Billing” ticket, go to Support > Contact Support: Select the “Billing” category from the drop down menu under “Choose a topic” then click the “Submit a Ticket” button.
(09:35:38) Darcy: Of course I will. Claudia, this has been one of the worst customer support experiences I’ve had. Sorry. Have a nice day
(09:35:54) Claudia: Thank you!
(09:35:56) Claudia: If you have any more questions, please let us know. Thanks for using DreamHost’s Live Chat support today. Have a great day/night, Darcy! =)

I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience with DreamHost. Unfortunately sometimes it happens that newly created accounts get stuck in approval queue. Usually those accounts are cleared by DreamHost abuse prevention team within a short time but we failed at satisfying you and we’re sorry for this.

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