Pending Account and Billing Problem

I originally post this yesterday in a forum of a similar situation:

"Hi, I am trying to cancel my account because I misunderstood the payment plan. I read 8.95 per month as my billing plan rather than what it actually says which is $214 every 2 years.

When I signed up for dreamhost an hour ago I entered my billing information as prompted. After I clicked confirmed the page reloaded and asked me to enter my CSV card number multiple times. I could not exit the screen and had to refresh the page. I went into my account to check if my billing information had gone through but it says pending.

My account is pending and says “error - failure to communicate with server” when I try to end the billing period today. I do not have the option of closing the account on my page. It says to please fix the error below instead. I submitted my ticket to customer support #5797847. I do not want to be billed for the payment plan and want to cancel my account with dreamhost as soon as possible."

I received an email notification that my account had to be verified via email and to click the link inside. I did and it said my account has already been activated and does not require the activation link. When I logged into my panel however I still have a pending account and I am still unable to close the account and get rid of my mistake of picking a hosting plan. I want to be removed from dreamhost and this bill as well. Please review my ticket #5797847 as soon as possible


Yikes! As soon as our approvals/billing team comes in
they can work in we can get this all sorted out. They do
work regular business hours 9-5 PST. You will be contacted
through the email as soon as it is resolved. I will also follow up
through here as soon as I hear something! Your patience is greatly

Dee J.

Thank you so much for your response! I wasn’t ready to decide on a hosting site yet so I went into a panic when I realized that I may have accidently charged myself repeatedly for that amount.

I appreciate your reply to my post!
Thanks Dee :slight_smile:



You account was cancelled! One of our admins will email you shortly with details. You can reply there directly with any questions or comments. Thanks for being so patient :slight_smile:

Dee J.

Thank you so much Dee! Your customer service was really fast and sincere :slight_smile: I will remember the regular business day work hours for the future. Have a good day :slight_smile: