Pending account - 1 week still waiting


Dear All, I signed up for an account several days ago with full paiement.
After several days, and even with support ticket, I’m still not having answer. And I can’t work, so that now an issue.
How to obtain a quick answer to be able to use this service?
How is it possible to cancel this subscription? After one week of pending, i m wondering how it will be later.


Can someone help me? How can I get an answer from Dreamhost?
My account is still pendinfg, without any info available.
created ticket number at support is: Message #: 8664555
I will cancel my subscription by tomorrow if I can’t get any answer. I do not understand I had good comments before regarding this hosting platform.
Thanks for any comment or help you could provide


Don’t expect anything to get accomplished on a weekend.

If you started the process after business hours Wednesday, it might not have received attention yet.

But today is Monday and you should get some action. Have patience.

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Thanks for this info. I have posted my message last Monday morning, My account was already pending from 4th of July
I’m expecting a resolution by today, Else, I will have to cancel everything with Dreamhost :frowning:


Hi @Inadi

Sorry to hear of they delay with your pending account! It looks like the ticket was withdrawn. If you can re-submit your request, I can get it taken care of ASAP!

Head to the ‘Support > Contact Support’ page of your DreamHost webpanel, linked here:, select a topic in the drop down menu and then hit the blue ‘Submit A Ticket’ button that appears.


Ticket has been created. Here is the reference: Message #: 8672421
Thanks a lot


Thank you! Our team has reached back out. Please let us know if you continue to have any trouble!


Hello Can you have a look to #2398734 ticket. Still waiting for answer, I really need this answer by end of this week


Thanks for contacting us back!

Our support team sent a response in regards to ticket# 8672421 if you did not receive that email please supply us with an email address that you have access to and we can resend that info.

Matt C


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