Pen test?

(just learned that phrase yesterday :o)

I’ve hooked up with some über 1337 ninjas as of late. I sent the following message to support, but figure I might get a faster answer here.

I had someone send me a client who needs a shopping cart built. The person who forwarded me the client is a network security guru. I plan on using DH for the hosting. Since part of his reputation goes into this, I would like for him to be able to run some security tests on a shared DH account.

What is DH’s policy on such testing? Mainly he would just be looking for holes that could allow other users on the system to see this client’s info.

well, support forwarded my question to someone else, but I haven’t heard back yet. any DH employees here care to speculate?

Shouldn’t be a problem. Of course a lot of what could / could not be seen by other users would be determined by file permissions on your side.